All of the classes at Tone Pilates offer exercises and breath work to stabilize the core while at the same time mobilizing the spine, pelvis and limbs thus enhancing your overall efficiency and ease of movement and increasing quality of life.  You can expect to leave each class feeling more focused, stretched, centered and strong.


9:30 Mat
4:30 Reformer + Mat


6:00 Athletic Flow – TRXsb class
9:30 BEAT


8:30 Reformer+
9:30 Reformer


Athletic Flow – Jumpboard
9:30 Springboard+
5:30 Reformer

Fridays:jump pic

8:30 Jumpboard+

+ – plus one other piece of equipment (25 mins on each piece of equipment)

All classes and private sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy.


The Pilates mat work exercises are particularly effective at strengthening the abdominal and back muscles commonly referred to as the ‘core.’  These are specific exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  The instructors at Tone Pilates teach contemporary mat work exercises, offering modifications and advancements for each exercise as needed for the client. The exercises are performed in a slower, more controlled manner in order to promote endurance, strengthen and lengthen muscles.


The Pilates reformer is a machine that uses pulleys, ropes and springs to provide resistance to the Pilates mat exercises.  It helps to promote stability while improving range of motion of the spine, arms and legs.  The reformer can be used to perform exercises such as squats and rows in a low impact manner.  The addition of a jump board to the reformer can add a cardio component to any workout, ensuring a well-rounded athletic session.


The springboard is equipment based on the original Trapeze Table designed by Joseph Pilates.  The springboard also takes the traditional mat exercises and adds resistance to the movements.  It is different from the reformer in that your arms and legs work independently on the springboard.  The springs can be placed in 22 different positions and the body is in direct contact with them, making some of the movements more challenging than on the reformer.


We use the TRX straps to add cardio and strengthening to some of our classes.  But we have also designed exercises that are unique to Pilates and use the TRX as a tool to make the exercises both more accessible and sometimes more challenging.


Jumpboard is used in conjunction with the reformer to add a cardio component to your workout.  It allows clients to jump on the reformer as you would on a trampoline.  Jumping is mostly performed in a supine position, which takes stress off of ankle, knee and hip joints, and springs are added to increase resistance.


Athletic Flow is a challenging 45 minute class.  It will include TRX or Jumpboard in addition to mat work.